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After a really long break…I’m back…I’ve refocused..and I’ve moved.  You can now find me blogging over here at https://ephesiansfivewife.wordpress.com/.




Bible Prophecy Double Header: 12/6/15 JD Farag and John Haller

Posting last week’s updates from JD Farag and John Haller.  Both deal with the San Bernadino terrorist attack.  And the theme for both was clearly, “I’m Not Shutting Up.”


I will still say it…come quickly, Lord Jesus.  But it sure does seem that is the case.  He is coming SOON.

Charles Lawson: In Everything Give Thanks

Got the turkey in the oven…trying to keep the kids out of the M&M’s :-)…thought I would take a moment to post this Thanksgiving video from Charles Lawson.  I heard about him from the blogger Paul the Slave (who sadly I don’t think is blogging anymore, or I’d link back to his site…if you see this, I miss your posts!).  Anyhow, I really enjoy Pastor Lawson – you can find more of him on You Tube or Sermon Audio.

Thankful for so much today.  Spend this day hugging your family close, enjoying your Thanksgiving dinners, and most importantly praising the God of creation for all he’s done for us.  I have way more than I deserve.   God bless.

Dr. Kent Hovind 4: Lies in the Textbooks

Dr. Hovind’s 4th series:  “Lies in the Textbooks”


Creation and Chinese Pictographs

I saw this on Facebook today on the Institute for Creation Research page…  ancient Chinese pictographs support the Biblical creation story.

Dr. Kent Hovind: Creation Seminar #3 – Dinosaurs

Here is Dr. Hovind’s CSE #3 – “Dinosaurs”:

Dr. Kent Hovind: Creation Seminar #2 – The Garden of Eden

The second in the Creation Science Evangelism series – “The Garden of Eden”:

Dr. Kent Hovind: Creation Seminar #1 – “The Age of the Earth”

We were blessed to recently see Dr. Hovind’s seminar, “Creation, The Flood and End Times,” and got to meet him personally.  I can now cross that off my bucket list. 🙂  I was so struck by the former atheists, agnostics and ex-evolutionists who came forth during the Q&A to share how they got saved after watching Dr. Hovind’s videos.  I’m going to be sharing all of his old CSE’s over the next couple weeks.

I don’t hold to all of his current viewpoints, and do not endorse everything he teaches now….but I sure do enjoy these old seminars.

I will not allow ugly or offensive comments on this post.  Thanks!

Dr. Sam Gipp: Persevere to the End

I think the title says it all.  Dr. Gipp is an evangelist who founded A Friend to Churches Ministries.  I love his “Answer Book.”

This was good, I know I’ll post more from him soon.

Dr. Sam Gipp – Persevere to the End

Dr. Lance Ketchum – Woe to the Corruptors of Men, Parts 1 and 2

Got a few free minutes tonight…and I guess I’ll get a bunch posted after all.

This sermon series is by Dr. Lance Ketchum of Shepherd’s Fold Baptist Church in Hutchinson, MN.  Excellent and timely preaching.  More by Dr. Ketchum can be found on Sermon Audio.

Woe to the Corruptors of Men, Part 1

Woe to the Corruptors of Men, Part 2